Pros and Cons of New Grads Starting a Business

On November 10, 2011

How to Make Your Marketing Work Together

Launching a PR campaign, building a website, buying an ad: These actions won't automatically bring in the business, but what will is combining your marketing efforts.No tags for this post.

On November 10, 2011

Email Marketing Is Not Dead, Part 3: Creating Content

Email marketing part 3

Nope, email marketing is not dead; in fact it is still quite relevant, as it is the only way to get in front of your current and prospective clients on a regular basis.

The reason: Your messages on social…

On November 10, 2011

Turning Customer Intelligence Into Gold

Marketers are embracing the need for customer intelligence to provide actionable insight to optimize revenue. But how do you get started? Treating what you have today as actionable insight enables marketers to think about using their existing

On November 9, 2011

2 Areas of Profitability You’re Overlooking

You need to get into your customers’ heads.

Unfortunately, you can’t read minds.

The Technician in you accepts this and tries to genuinely meet your customers’ expectations.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t cut it.

The business owner wearing the Technician hat…

On November 9, 2011

Cloud Computing – New Buzzword, Old Legal Issues

As an observer of the IT and Internet industries for several decades, I watch with great amusement as new buzzwords surface for old concepts. Not too long ago, the term "cloud computing" appeared on the scene. The

On November 9, 2011

Global Boards Help Make Companies Global

For organizations to endure, they must strike a balance between risks and rewards, short-term objectives and long-run goals, autonomy and control, and the interests of various stakeholders. To achieve these balances, companies need effective ways of challenging the decisions that…