Holiday Email: A 12 Point List to Check Twice Before You Hit Send

On November 8, 2011

The Money Is in the E-mail List – with Craig Eubanks (6:10)

In this video interview, copywriter and direct marketing expert Craig Eubanks discusses the value of an e-mail list to a small business. Your two most valuable assets are your list of (1) your prospective customers and (2) your existing customers.

On November 8, 2011

GAO: Feds Spending Much More on IT Than Reported

A market valued at nearly $80 billion per year certainly gets the attention of vendors hoping to participate in it. For the information technology sector, the notion that the U.S. government spends about $79 billion per year

On November 8, 2011

AmEx Makes Bold Digital Commerce Play

American Express is extending its financial reach to the wild world of tech startups through a new multiyear digital commerce initiative. The $100 million program is designed to help identify and develop innovative technologies to aid the

On November 8, 2011

Linux, Open Source Still ‘Money’ in Financial Services

Linux and open source software are spreading out -- cloud computing, mobile computing, supercomputing -- and an increasing number of use cases large and small. One area where Linux and open source have history and continue to

On November 8, 2011

Why Inspiration Matters

"When your Daemon is in charge, do not try to think consciously. Drift, wait, and obey." — Rudyard Kipling

In a culture obsessed with measuring talent and ability, we often overlook the important role of inspiration. Inspiration awakens us to…

On November 8, 2011

Businesses Get a Place in the Google+ Sun

Google has introduced Google+ Pages, an element of its Google+ social network that has been much anticipated by corporate brands. Pages provides a public placeholder on the Google+ network for any entity -- not just companies. A

On November 8, 2011

Fact-Checking Small Business Jobs Numbers

There's been a lot of healthy debate lately about whether small businesses or startups create jobs. I just saw this post at Entrepreneur that says:

Businesses with between $10,000 and $10 million of revenue account for just 17